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Douglas Davies - Cheshire- UK

Having had the good fortune to find Sergio amongst the many professional trumpet tutors out there, I am so glad that I chose Sergio. As an intermediate trumpet player, I specifically wanted a tutor who could teach me the rudiments of trumpet playing as well as help with my overall technical ability. In this regard, I’ve now been studying with Sergio for the past 12 months on a weekly basis, and can honestly say that I’m very pleased with my overall progress.

Sergio is an advocate of the Claude Gordon Systematic Approach to Daily Practice for Trumpet, which essentially teaches you How to Practice, What to Practice and When to Practice; and is designed to develop your register, power, endurance, sound and control. This is perfect for my specific needs.

As has become evident during this past 12 months, Sergio is a really good tutor, who is patient and fun to work with, complimented by the fact that he is also a very accomplished professional trumpet, flugelhorn player and musician. Also, Sergio’s ability in the extreme upper register is particularly impressive.

If you are considering learning to play the trumpet as a beginner, or looking to improve your skills as an intermediate or professional, I would have no hesitation in recommending Sergio. I have absolutely no doubt you won’t be disappointed.

Doug Davies, Cheshire – UK 25.09.20

Colin Jones - Manchester- UK

I had been playing Trumpet for over 25 years, but my range was limited, my lack of stamina was a real issue, and I really didn't know why I still suffered these problems. I saw Sergio Frade's work online, and I knew of some of the great names that he was performing with and I decided that he could offer the help I needed. I am now in my third year working with Sergio and not only has my playing improved in every possible way, but I am getting more work, and I now have a proper understanding of the things that matter when it comes to practice!

Sergio is patient, encouraging and works really hard to diagnose any problems in my playing, and because he has been through the process himself he fully understands the challenges that each exercise presents, and the benefits it brings. As a busy musician himself, Sergio Frade is a great professional mentor and way more than just a teacher - he is certainly the best thing that could have happened to my career.

Colin Jones

Paulino - Bahía - Brasil
Fazer aulas com o professor Sergio Frade, tem sido uma experiência única. Cada aula me surpreendo com sua maneira de ensinar de forma lúdica, Clara e objetiva.

Já faço aula há quase seis meses e os resultados são nítidos na minha forma de tocar trompete. Estou muito feliz em poder tocar trompete com menos esforços, e mais fluência no desempenho dos exercícios que outrora eu não fazia por não ter uma base sólida na forma de tocar trompete. Conheci pessoalmente o professor Sérgio Frade e tive a honra de tocarmos juntos em um congresso no Brasil, no ano passado. (Abril,2016)

Nesse congresso, não só eu, mais outros músicos tiveram a oportunidade de vê-lo tocar e ficamos impactados com sua forma de tocar trompete e Flugelhorn, principalmente nas notas agudas e super aguda sem fazer muito esforço físico.

Faço aula uma vez por semana via Skype. As aulas são ministradas da mesma forma que presencial com exercícios tocados por ele e posteriormente por mim.
Está sendo uma experiência nova fazer aula dessa maneira, já que, as minhas aulas de trompete sempre foram presencial. Achei que teria dificuldades por está distante, mais ele é muito flexível principalmente no agendamento das aulas e está sempre disposto em tirar dúvidas relacionadas com as aulas pelo whatsapp sem dificuldade.

Estou grato por ter um professor tão dedicado nessa árdua missão que é de lecionar com tanto amor e dedicação.

Grato por tudo professor!!!!!

Paulino filho


William - Manchester- UK

I have been dream for many years to one day I could learn how to play the Flute. I never imagine that it could be possible in a few lessons. With Sergio Frade, the lessons are always fun and we learn always something new and finish the lesson always with a positive mind and with a goal. It is amazing how Sérgio teaches.Thank You very much Sergio Frade


Joao Paulino - Portugal

I came to have lessons with Sergio because I wasn't happy with my high register. After a year having lessons I was blown away, not just my high register went up, but all of my playing got so great even my wind power increased.

Thanks Sergio!

Joao Paulino
Trumpet 1st Sergeant Portuguese Army BigBand

Antonio Barreiro - Portugal

I like the simple and enlightening as we are taught. Classes take place whenever a progressive and methodical, highly effective and fun. Stimulate the will to evolve, also help's to acquired the technique and practicing outside the classroom in a correct way. Hope to continue learning more and more.
Thanks Sergio!
Antonio Barreiro - Trumpet

Allan - Manchester- UK

The lessons are amazing!!!!Now I can do what I couln't before in just three months!!!! Thank you Sergio to help me out reaching my goals. Allan Alef

Andrew - UK

This is so amazing how I can play High G after six months of working with Sergio Frade's Systematic Approach.
Thanks Sergio!
Andrew Cornewall - Trumpet